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Much and Many are usually used with the negative:

  • There aren’t many students in the classroom. (perhaps 4 or 5 students)
  • There isn’t much food in the refrigerator. ( a small amount of food)

Any + not, never, or without expresses zero:


  • There aren’t any students in the classroom (zero)
  • There isn’t any food in the refrigerator. It’s empty.
  • He went outside without any shoes. (There are no shoes on his feet.)
  • They never want to eat any vegetables or drink any milk.

Much and Many are usually not used in the affirmative:


  • There are many apples in the basket. It sounds better to say…
  • There are a lot of apples in the basket.
  • There is much milk in the refrigerator. It sounds better to say…

There is a lot of milk in the refrigerator.

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